More common HTML elements:
<i> .... </i>
<b> .... </b>
<u> .... </u>
  This is italic
This is bold
This is underline
<font size=1> .... </font> Font size 1
<font size=2> .... </font>
Font size 2
<font size=3> .... </font>
Font size 3
<font size=4> .... </font>
Font size 4
<font size=5> .... </font>
Font size 5
<font size=6> .... </font>
  Font size 6
<font color=blue> .... </font>
<font color=green> .... </font>
<font face="Times New Roman"> .... </font>
  This is blue
This is green etc.
This is Times New Roman
<font face="Courier New" size=3 color=pink> .... </font>
  Allowed combination
New line
New paragraph
<a href="[destination url]">Link text</a>:

<img src="[image source url]">
  Link text

Tables (helps formatting)
<table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=3 border=1>
 <tr>                                                               (start row)
  <td align=center height=80 width=150>      (start cell)
    Top left cell - centre aligned
  </td>                                                            (close cell)
  <td align=right width=150>                  (open new cell)
    top right cell - right aligned
  </td>                                                             (close cell)
 </tr>                                                             (close row)
 <tr>                                                       (open new row)
  <td bgcolor=#999999>   (background colour changed)
    Bottom left cell - center left aligned (default)
  </td height=80>
  <td align=right valign=bottom>
    Bottom right cell - bottom right aligned

Note: center and color are spelt the American
way for formatting

height and width properties can be used
within the table element and / or can be
allocated to individual rows or columns

.. width=x ..
.. height=x ..
  To remove the border, change the
border setting to read 'border=0'

Top left cell
centre aligned
top right cell
right aligned
Bottom left cell
middle left aligned
Bottom right cell
bottom right aligned

Table command summary:
<table>   starts a table
.. cellspacing=x ..   the gap between each cell
.. cellpadding=x ..   the 'buffer' margin inside each cell
.. border=x ..   defines the border width
.. bgcolor=[hex/colour] ..   background colour
(bgcolor can be used for both the table and / or individual cells

<tr>   starts a (table) row

<td>   starts a (table data) cell
.. align=left/center/right ..   defines the horizontal alignment
.. valign=top/middle/bottom ..   defines the vertical alignment

All elements must be closed in the reverse order of opening,
    ... ( [ { ..... } ] ) ...
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