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Revised Common Lectionary
and Bible Reference *
20 different versions of the Bible, including Greek, Latin, Coptic, Hebrew
Word & phrase search - in any version or all versions
Compare texts / versions side by side, or vertically
Also has the Qur'an (2 versions), and Gospels of Thomas & Phillip
Includes detailed cross-references and many other functions.
(Demonstrates speed of optimised queries (SQL) and design of MySQL database.
Many queries are created dynamically (on the fly), depending upon type of search, and
can be over 10 pages long.)

My IP lookup Tells you what your current IP address is, and also a bit of information
about your connection.  It refreshes every 2 minutes.
Fun with Postcodes * Approx 1 million basic postcodes.
Searches for roads, towns, villages, latitude/longitude and OS references.
Distance and bearings between two locations, using 'great circle' calculation.
Complex use of conditions within php code to have all results within the
one page.
(Demonstrates speed of optimised queries (SQL) and design of MySQL database;
has several different tables containing different data; also makes use of joins and
unions and optimised indexes to combine or pull out different pieces of information.)

Credit Card number generator *
(Not linked)
Special request!
Demonstrates use the of Luhn Mod 10 algorithm to both create valid card
numbers, and then check them.  Uses the format for 25 major credit cards,
taking any starting number sequence and formatting it to the correct length.
Calculations are done in php (server side) in order to remain invisible.
Domain name lookup Find out information about the more common (and not so common)
domain names.
Powered by Sams Whois
(Cross)word helper * Approx ½ million words of different lengths
Crossword helper and word page - fill in the letters that you have, and find
which words they can be.  Also find simple anagrams.
(Demonstrates power of optimised queries (SQL) and design of MySQL database;
incorporating my own algorithms, with corresponding optimised indexes, for speed.)

Unit converter Convert almost anything (eg. temperature, length, speed, weight, liquid, area,
pressure, men's and ladies' suits, adult shoes).
Basic HTML code A look at the more common and simpler principles and elements of HTML (Hyper-Text
Mark-up Language)
code and the use of 'tables' in helping to format a page.
Moon phases & data Using several different blocks of php code, plus astronomical data,
to give specific data on the moon, relating to its phases.
(Not fully functioning yet.)
Create a .htpasswd password Use the .htpasswd generator to create passwords for .htpasswd files
- to MD5 or APR1-MD5 encryption - from the username and password
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* Denotes that php pages still need updating to PHP v8
and are currently not working properly

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